About Us

Malters Advantage Equipment is the result of Moore and More LLC and Bauer Sheet Metal and Fabricating Inc. joining forces to bring to market a line of Craft Malting Equipment that is specifically designed, engineered and built for the modern craft malting operations.

Wayne Moore, Moore and More LLC, became involved in craft malting through his partnership in a Craft Brewery. The Malters Advantage line of equipment sprouted out of his involvement with their principle malt supplier – Grouse Malting and Roasting Co. Bauer Sheet Metal and Fabricating Inc. is a multi-skilled Michigan based fabricator supplying specialty fabrications and equipment for Fruit processing, Food processing, Conveying, Marine and General Industry.

Wayne Moore, P.E.

Wayne is a licensed professional mechanical engineer and brings over 35 years of manufacturing, production and design engineering to this product line. Wayne hails from a line of Western Kansas farmers and he brings this practical background into all the equipment designs in this line. And, he knows what an evil thing a grain scoop is!

Moore and More LLC

Ron Sejat

Ron is the Operations Manager at Bauer Sheet Metal and Fabricating Inc. and brings over 30 years of design, fabrication and manufacturing experience to this product line. Bauer Sheet Metal and Fabrication Inc. was established in 1932 and continues to provide high quality engineering, fabrication and installations services to a wide range of industries and business segments, including; Food processing, Dust Collection, Conveying, HVAC, Marine, Mining and general industry.

Bauer Sheet Metal and Fabricating, Inc.
Muskegon MI