Modular Malting

Modular Malting System

Our patent pending design for the Modular Malting combination Germination and Kiln system incorporates a truly modular approach which allows the system to grow as you grow, all while retaining the precise and automated control over every individual step of the process. You can start out with one Germination and Kiln vessel and add up to a total of three vessels in your system, all supported by the same Kiln Air Handler system and one Variable Steep Tank.

Germination and kilning take place in the same vessel – meaning you do not have to handle green malt again! The Germination of your grains takes place in an individual fully automated temperature and humidity controlled vessel - with automated stirring. Yes - you don’t have to touch that shovel or rake again! Whether a Drum style or a Saladin box style, the “V-wire” screen floors insure good drainage, excellent air flow and uniform grain bed temperatures.

The Kilning system provides fully automated drying and curing of the malt in any one of your Modular Malting combination vessels. The Kiln air handling system incorporates an integrated air to air heat exchanger for improved energy efficiency, an indirect fired gas heater, 0 to 100% recirculation control – all automatically controlled by our Process Control system.

  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Combination Germination / Kiln Vessels, either ‘Saliden’ or Drum style
  • Individual air flow, temperature and humidity control for each vesselduring germination
  • Automated gentle mixing
  • The Kiln Air Handling system includes a high capacity industrial fan, indirect gas-fired heater, air-to-air heat exchanger, full range recirculation control
  • All controlled by the fully automated recipe based Process Control System